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Comparison between Webkey and USB Flash Drives

USB Webkey
USB Flash Drives
Auto-run function URL Auto launch browser and open a URL. Auto-run like virtual CDROM.
Computer systems Windows 2000 or above version. MAC 10.4.5 or above version. Supports Windows 2000 and XP. If Windows or Anti-virus software disable CDROM auto-run fuction, the USB auto-run function will not work properly.
Memory Capacity Very small capacity to only store the url being preprogrammed. Capacity from 16MB~32GB, it's up to the memory supply and what capacity you request.
Files Storage No, only store program, for use  to  launch the browser to specific URL. Yes. Except auto-run function, you can use it as normal removable USB flash drive to carry and transfer files.
Cost Low cost and suitable as give aways for promotion. Cost higher than USB webkey.
Virus issues It is not affected or spread virus. Anti-virus software does not prevent it from auto-running.  Can be infected and spread virus. Anti-virus software may stop it from auto-running.

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